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In the midst of the craziness... You can have Unspeakable JOY!

December 01, 2019

Dear friend of mine, When the President visits a foreign country, he is greeted by dignitaries and marching bands. When Christ came to Earth, He was greeted by farm animals in a shed. He, the King of the Universe, chose to be born of a peasant girl, without doctors and nurses. There was no pain medication. It seems that only Mary and Joseph were there to meet Him, a helpless baby crying for milk. He came on a rescue mission from His Father's house, so far away. Yet...



Good News in Bad Times

The economic news is bad but I have good news for you: The up look is better that the outlook. "Why," you murmur. Because God has promised to... Read More

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When the Tomato Plants Fed The Whole Family

The tough times America is going through remind me of tougher times that few today remember. When Wall Street collapsed, some businessmen who... Read More

June 2008 Newsletter

Here is some good news out of India, home of a million gods and a billion plus humans. Our television program over there is going well. In... Read More

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Partner in the Gospel

The TV commentators and newspaper reporters are in full cry, Bad times are coming. We are going into recession."  These prophets of doom and... Read More

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March 2008 Newsletter

This message comes to you from Egypt. I am here to investigate and record new discoveries that throw light on the stunning accuracy of the... Read More

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Life's Meaning Found in a Manger

The story of the nativity gives people significance and hope Read More

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