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Open With Care

September 01, 2018

  Because God cares and you care, we share with you the following stories:   1. CUBA OPENS TO THE GOSPEL While relationships between the U.S. and Cuba have deteriorated, the hearts of the Cuban people remain receptive to Christ’s Gospel. Cuba is a Communist nation, but people have freedom of religion. WE CARE ABOUT CUBA. We are planning to conduct a large evangelistic campaign in the city of Santiago de Cuba. We are also...



Christ Trumps Politics

Preaching Today In Russia     NEWS & VIEWS     LETTERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD   Pastor John Carter,... Read More

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How To Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever

    Victory Special 2017 Your BEST year yet!   DEAR FRIEND,   1. This could be the year when you... Read More

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The World Is Too Much

  Dear Friend,   When the world is too much, remember God loves you. When sorrow and pain are constant companions, remember... Read More

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Politics or Pentecost?

Dear Friend,   As I have watched the presidential debates, I have been impressed by the ultimate impotence of... Read More

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Join us on the Gospel Train to Cuba!

    Dear Partner,   The news is out.  IT’S NOW 21 CAMPAIGNS in Communist Cuba!  PRAISE GOD!   We started with a... Read More


    Dear Partner,   Cuba is opening slowly to the Gospel and we have been invited to conduct and sponsor TEN evangelistic... Read More

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