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Communist Leader Unwittingly Saves Evangelistic Campaign

March 01, 2019

    Just days ago, a Communist leader in Cuba canceled our evangelistic campaign in a public hall. Permission had been obtained previously by Carter Report Cuban evangelist Pedro. But at the last moment, the official stopped the meetings from going ahead as advertised. Pedro, with The Carter Report American team members Susan and Javier Piraino and Alan De Leon, then obtained the use of a church building a mile from the original...



John Carter Reports from Putin’s Russia

    Preaching God’s message for 54 years   Pastor Carter at St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow,... Read More

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      WHY JOHN CARTER KEEPS ON PREACHING   This stubborn man has been at it for more than 54... Read More

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EXCITEMENT GROWS! CARTER TEAM JUST BACK FROM CUBA We have just visited Cuba to explore the possibilities of... Read More

The Day the Earth Stood Still

    WE ARE PACKING OUR BAGS FOR CUBA   Fidel Castro came to power in 1959 after overthrowing the corrupt... Read More

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Cuba Won't Last

Dear Friend, This letter will take you two-minutes to read. The effects will last for eternity. The hour has finally... Read More

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American Communist Baptized

Dear Friend, Victor was an American Communist.  Feeling empty inside he stumbled* upon The Carter Report on 3ABN. I... Read More

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