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Carter Is Back From Russia

December 01, 2017

His story may surprise you   Q: We know the Jehovah Witnesses have been closed down in Russia by the Government. Are other churches at risk? A:  In spite of dire warnings, we had no problems at all when we ran our meetings just recently in Nizhny Novgorod. The Moscow government actually sent us a message assuring us of their protection. The Kremlin is, however, understandably suspicious of organizations that may be...



A Wake Up Call For Christians

You may be surprised by the facts…read on.       Dear Friend,   Our culture is changing fast. ... Read More

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Does God Still Work Miracles?

  Dear friend, Today I have just watched a video that tells me that miracles still happen.  An... Read More

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The Carter Report presents for the greater glory of God: Modern Day Miracles

FORWARD IN FAITH Preaching Christ to the Masses     1. RUSSIA   Our work in Russia started in... Read More

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WITH JOHN CARTER Preaching God’s message for 53 years DOES PUBLIC EVANGELISM STILL WORK? Don’t Ask the Critics,... Read More

Central America Rising

  5,000 BAPTISMS IN THE TINY COUNTRY OF EL SALVADOR If it happened in the USA, that would be 250,000 baptisms... Read More

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People Matter Most

Karla is a young doctor in El Salvador who recently went through a life shattering experience.  Her life was devastated.... Read More

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