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Reflections on the Death of a Friend

April 01, 2019

As a late Autumn storm causes the fruit that survived Summer to fall to the earth, so old friends are dropping all around me. I wonder who will be next, as I ponder my own mortality.     April 2019 Dear fellow Pilgrim, Grace and peace to you in Christ Jesus our Lord. In Him alone we have the forgiveness of sins, and the assurance of life everlasting. He is the One who upholds the mighty universe by the power of His...



Prophecy Special: The Real News Behinds The Headlines

  Dear Special Friend,    As I write I have just received news that Robin Williams today... Read More

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Gang Members Accept Christ

An amazing message from Australian journalist Phil Ward   To John Carter    May you be blessed forever.  Could I suggest you... Read More

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The Certainty of the Resurrection

    Written during a visit to Australia on June 12, 2014   Dear Friend,   This letter pays tribute... Read More

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America and Russia Face Off

Bible prophets paint on the world canvas a graphic picture of bloody conflicts that will climax in worldwide... Read More

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    Dear Friend,   Settling down is comfortable.  It is not, however, always good for the Gospel. ... Read More

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The Gathering Storm and the World to be Warned

Dear Friend in Christ,   When I was a boy of 16, I left my home in Brisbane and travelled to North Queensland, the... Read More

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