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The Real Solution to the Killings

September 03, 2019

Editorial by John Carter September 2019 The American nation stands imperiled. Violence seems to be spreading everywhere. Your chance of being shot to death is 100 times greater than if you lived in England. What’s gone wrong? What’s happening? America, more than any other nation in modern times, has been blessed with great light and privilege. As men and women willingly suppress God’s Truth, violence spreads. There is no darkness so dark as light rejected. With God...




    Dear Friend,   Settling down is comfortable.  It is not, however, always good for the Gospel. ... Read More

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The Gathering Storm and the World to be Warned

Dear Friend in Christ,   When I was a boy of 16, I left my home in Brisbane and travelled to North Queensland, the... Read More

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How much is a soul worth?

Dear Partner in the Gospel,   Have you ever wondered, “What is the worth of a soul?”  This coming... Read More

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Mandela and The Miracle

Dear Friend,   My wish for 2014 is that we would forgive those who hurt us, because that is the way to... Read More

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The Baby That Changed The World

Dear Partner,   Who doesn’t love a baby, especially when he’s part of your family?  I have just returned from... Read More

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How You Can Be Sure You Are Saved

Dear Friend, I am at my desk with my old, almost worn out Bible that has been with me in many a battle.  It is... Read More

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