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August 22, 2011

Iceberg Ahead

Why Is The European Union Promoting The Keeping Of Sunday?


August 15, 2011

The Man Who Wrote His Own Life Story Before He Was Born - AD0808

Did You Know That the Great Events of the Life of the Jewish Carpenter Jesus Were Predicted Hundreds of Years Before He Was Born?


August 11, 2011

Visitors from Other Worlds - AD0805

Get Ready to Be Amazed as John Carter Studies the Prophecy That Predicts a Rescue Mission from Beyond the Stars and Evidence of a Great...


August 11, 2011

The Jew, the Arab and Jerusalem - AD0804

See the Great Archaeological Sites of the Holy Land and Discover the Real Truth About the War Between the Israelis and the Palestinians....


July 28, 2011

The Gathering Storm - LW1103

We Are About to Enter a Tremendous Storm with Great Waves, Fierce Winds, Blazing Lightning and Roaring Thunder. Are We Ready?


July 13, 2011

Who Will Supress The Bible?

The Bible Says There Is A Famine Coming To The World. This Is Not a Famine For Bread Or A Thirst For Water, But A Famine Of Hearing The...


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