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July 2010

No Restrictions...

On my recent stay in Australia, I called dozens of our friends in that fair land. As I spoke to these dear people, I was greatly blessed to hear how their trust in God keeps them full of faith and hope.

To all who read this article Down Under, John and I send to you our greetings and best wishes.

As most of you know, the Carter Report majors in Evangelism, spreading the Good News to those who have never heard. My visit to Australia made me realize just how important Ministries like ours are to Christians living in restricted situations. Let me explain.

Many of the people I spoke to live in small country towns with only one church and a handful of members. They don’t have a regular pastor, and are visited once or twice a month. Now, those of us who live in cities, surrounded by a host of churches and with a regular pastor, may find it hard to comprehend what it is like to not have this privilege.

These dear people who live in isolated areas, told me they thank God for Ministries like ours, 3ABN, Hope and others. I spoke to one lady who lives in a town with only two families who are Adventists. They meet each Sabbath in her home to watch sermons on 3ABN. Even though these two families are restricted by their isolation from other churches they are using Christian broadcasting for encouragement and to reach out to others.

Another person I spoke to was a very colorful gentleman from Lightening Ridge; a town in a very isolated part of New South Wale and famous for opals. Len, John and I send our best wishes to you and the dozen members in your church. Over the years, Len has given out thousands of the book, “Your Bible and You” to the many tourists who visit that well known area.

Len, with many others, could just feel sorry for themselves and do nothing, but their Christianity is not built on circumstances, but rather on a close walk with God.

Then there are those who are restricted physically. I spoke to quite a number of people who are unable to attend church because of serious health problems. They are all thankful for churches like ours that telecast their services. Those who can, give DVD’s of these messages to their neighbors.

After hearing all these testimonies, two words kept ringing in my ears; AMAZING GRACE!

Lets remember, after Jesus, the greatest writer and preacher of the Gospel was the apostle Paul. Even though restricted by being put in jail, and another time under house arrest, he used these times to write some of the greatest truths ever written.

Instead of focusing on our restrictions, be it a health, marriage, family, or even a sleepy church problem, whatever it is, may God help us to focus on opportunities to share Jesus with others. In the words of Paul, ‘Without Him I can do nothing, but with Him I can do all things’!

Dear Father, We thank you for the many avenues of spreading the Good News. Help us to do all we can to keep communicating it to the world. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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