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March 2012


The End Depends on the Beginning.  Of course the middle is pretty important too as Hebrews 12:2 tells us we need to keep our eyes on Jesus from beginning to end.

The beginning of my journey with God began in my mid-teens when the tragic death of my best friend led to my conversion.  I felt called to become a nurse and go to Africa as a missionary. I wrote to Dr. Albert Schweitzer asking if he could use another nurse in his mission hospital in Africa.  I received a very nice letter back saying there was always a need for medical people, but I was soon to find out that God had another plan for my life.  Have you ever noticed how God sometimes has a plan B for our lives?  (sometimes a C and a D as well)

While studying at Avondale College, I met a very talented theology student who had the same strong conviction for God’s work as I did.

Please allow me to diverge for a moment.

If you are a young person reading this, let me share something with you.  If you haven’t decided on your life work, let me encourage you to think about full-time ministry.  While every job, career, and profession is important, (God wants to minister through all of us no matter what ever our work) there is no more exciting, challenging and rewarding work then full-time ministry.

Please don’t think you’re not good enough.  None of us are.  Remember that all the disciples had serious faults when Jesus called them to His service, but as they listened to His amazing teachings, the Holy Spirit changed and fitted them for service.  I love the following Bible verses that tell us; ‘Without Christ I can do nothing’; (John 15:5) BUT, ‘With Christ I can do all things’. (Philippians 4:13)

Right from the beginning, John and I both believed that God wanted us not only to do pastoral work, but also public evangelism.

It was easy to see that God had given John the special gifts of preaching and teaching, and it was my work to support and help him in every way I could.

Our first 12 years were spent in small country towns, pastoring and conducting missions (an Evangelistic Crusade in Australia is called a Mission) until we were called to run our first big city mission in Melbourne, second largest city in Australia, in 1982.  This was the first big city where our TV ads were used to invite people to the meetings.

Three of us went to the Middle East to prepare the archaeological ads. John was the speaker; Warren Judd was our TV producer and also did the camera work, and I was the sound operator.  Don’t ask me how I did that, but Warren was kind enough to say I was okay.  We visited Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Israel to gather material, and from the beginning these TV ads were blessed by God. Over the years they have brought thousands to our meetings.

In 1989 we were invited to conduct meetings in the Sydney Opera House.  There were quite a few that said, ‘it won’t work, people won’t come to the Opera House for religious meetings’.

One of the things that I have always admired about John is that he has plenty of courage to attempt what seems like the impossible.  When people say that’s impossible; John sees that as a challenge and an opportunity for God to do something big. God did not disappoint our faith as He blessed us with the largest crowds ever up until that time in the Opera House.

It was just after those meetings that God impressed me to suggest to John that perhaps God wanted us to take a large group of our young people overseas to conduct a mission.  God led us to go to Manila in the Philippines in 1984, and that’s when our overseas work began.

In 1985 we were invited to come to America where we conducted our first US crusade in Fort Worth Texas the next year.

Several years later we were invited by the General Conference to try evangelism in the former Soviet Union by conducting meetings in Moscow in 1991.  Five of us went; Dr. & Mrs. Russell Owens, Paul Zenk, John and myself.

What an experience.  There is a difference between working in countries where people have been exposed to Christianity then in those countries where the truth about God has been kept from the people.  While the majority of people were unbelievers, Communism at least gave them some structure in their lives; all be it with out freedom.  So when communism fell in 1990, ‘91, the people were left with a terrible void in their lives.
We saw this as they came to the meetings.  It was the same in every city we went to.  At the first meeting you could see the emptiness, loneliness and hopelessness in their eyes and on their faces.

From my vantage point on the back of the stage where I stayed praying through each meeting, I saw the mighty work of the Holy Spirit.  As John and his translator gave them evidence to believe in the Bible, and then introduced them to the God of the Bible, they began to change. As they heard the story of Jesus and His amazing grace, their faces lit up with hope as they now realized that there is a God and He loves them very much.

For the past 20 yrs that we have been going to the former Soviet Union, John and I with our Carter Report team have been greatly blessed.

I have also been blessed with the opportunity to visit orphanages in every city that we have worked in. I am very thankful for the help of friends here in the US and Australia who made it possible for us to buy clothes, food, school supplies, and medicines.
Let me tell you about three of them.

One was on the outskirts of Kiev where there were many babies and young children who had been born with defects and serious illnesses as a result of their parents being exposed to the aftermath of Chernobyl.  This was 1995 and conditions were still pretty bad.  On our return to the States, with the help of a group of wonderful people, we were able to obtain 24,000 lbs of medical supplies which was then flown into Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, by a US military Hercules plane.  We were told that this was the first time a US military plane had been allowed to land in Kiev.

In 2004, we worked in Zaparozia in Ukraine where we visited an orphanage with 300 babies.  Here we were able to buy a hot water system, a much needed sterilizer, and large bundle of diapers.

In 2006 we went to Vishakapatnum in India where I visited a Hindu orphanage, and we were able to supply 100 orphans with a new set of clothes.

I would like to thank all our friends for supporting us all these many years.  Without you, we couldn’t go, so ‘THANK’ you.
John and I thank our wonderful Carter Report team.  You are the best!

John and I would like to thank our three children, David, Leanne and Julilynn for trekking from place to place with us.

Most of all, we want to thank God for this amazing journey as He has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams.

Beverley Carter

PS   If you would like to read more about the Carter Report story, please order the book, John Carter, from our Carter Report office.  Ph. 626-254-0898


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