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August 2013

Questions That Matter

With John Carter

Q: Was the King James Bible the one and original Bible?
A: Some think it was written by the James of the New Testament.  It was in fact written under the patronage of King James, head of the Church of England.  It was first published in 1611.
Q: Where are the original manuscripts of the Bible kept?
A: There are no original Hebrew or Greek manuscripts in existence.  The Bible was written over a period of 1,500 years, commencing in the fifteenth century before Christ.  It is apparent that God has wonderfully preserved the integrity of His Holy Word.
Q: Are the actual words of the Bible inspired?
A: The authors of the sacred Scriptures were God’s penmen, not His pens.  God inspired the prophets with His thoughts, and they wrote down those truths in their own words.  Nevertheless, the Bible is the true Word of the Living God, yet expressed in the language of imperfect men.
Q: Why do we have new translations?
A: The King James Version was a new translation for its day and for many years was resisted by many who saw the translators as changing the meaning of the Scriptures.  The Geneva Bible was the popular and much loved translations of those far off times, and gave way slowly to the new translation we now affectionately call the King James Version.  The passing of time, new discoveries (e.g. the Dead Sea Scrolls), and the development of the English language, all necessitate that we have translations that speak God’s Word in a way that is clear, accurate, and understandable.
Q: What Bible do you use?
A: I use many translations.  My favorite translation for beauty and majesty remains the King James Version.  There is nothing quite like it.  For study and preaching I use the New International Version, a translation that is accurate, clear, and readable.
Q: How do you react when people tell you the King James Version is the original Bible that God gave us and all other translations are false?
A: I try not to react at all, recognizing that these dear folks probably do not understand just how we got our Bibles.  Sometimes I gently tell them that I have preached to millions of Russians who use their own Russian translation, and how I have seen multitudes of them turned to God, all without the King James Version!  God apparently uses imperfect preachers with imperfect translations preaching to imperfect people.  Christ alone is perfect, and He saves!
Q: What is the main purpose of Scripture?
A: To lead us in repentance to Christ.
Q: Is the Bible a book of science, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, biology, etc.?
A: The Bible is God’s Book of salvation.  It was not written to show us how the heavens go, but how to go to heaven.
Q: What will happen to me if I consistently and faithfully read the Bible?
A: That all depends.  If I read it to find arguments to beat someone over the head, it will profit me nothing.  I may even become a proud, sour, cantankerous person.  But if I read it to do God’s will, asking God to give me a soft humble heart, it will make me a better person.  If I let God reveal His Son to me, it will lead me to repentance and salvation in the Savior.
Please watch for Part 2 of this important subject on Thursday, August 29 (USA time).

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