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August 2014


John Carter’s potpourri of sugar and spice and everything nice—well, almost!

Hold on tight dear folks, this may be a fast ride!

Here is my recipe for health and happiness, and unlike going to the doctor, it’s free with my compliments:

•     Don’t eat red meat; it can cause cancer of the bowels. It rots inside the stomach and can take days to digest.

•     Eat fresh fruits several times a day. Go easy on fruits that are high in sugar, because sugar is sugar is sugar. Ask your pancreas.

•     Eat tofu and make it tasty with spices and salsa. Tofu is made from soybeans and is good for you.

•     Eat fresh salads with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Tabbouleh is great with hummus.

•     Read the labels. Many foods are pumped full of poisons, often unpronounceable ingredients which can clog up your arteries. Avoid trans-fatty acids and partially hydrogenated oil as you would the devil. It’s in many foods including many so-called, “health foods.”

•     Remember that the “image of the beast” is often worse than the beast itself. Just because it is vegetarian doesn’t make it good for you. Once again, read the labels and if you can’t pronounce the names of the additives, don’t eat them and don’t give them to your cat or dog.

•     Be aware that the beef industry is a pretty sick affair. The animals are pumped full of drugs, hormones and antibiotics. The industry doesn’t exist because they care about you; they are in it to make money.

•     Be a Daniel and don’t touch a drop of alcohol, the number one drug problem in the nation. I call it the “demon in the bottle.” It is responsible for broken homes, hearts, bodies and minds. As a pastor, I know that some “Adventists” love their wine, but they are none the better for their indulgence. While I have seen many dumb people get dumber with their drinking, I have yet to see a smart person get smarter.

•     Drink plenty of water. Don’t drink sodas.  Regular sodas, a liquefied form of sugar,  give people cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Diet sodas contain harmful artificial sweeteners which can lead to health problems.

•     Do not consume caffeine, which is found in coffee, tea, energy drinks and many sodas.  Caffeine boosts blood pressure, makes stress more difficult to handle and can increase the risk of heart disease. 

•     Rarely, rarely eat chocolates and cakes. All the talk about chocolate being a health food is too good to be true. As one who LOVES chocolate, let me tell you the unpalatable truth— dark chocolate may be beneficial in itsy bitsy amounts, say, one small half inch bite per day, which is just enough to set your digestive juices raging but not enough to satisfy. If you are a person of iron will, then try the half inch piece of dark chocolate per day.

•     The omega fatty acids in cold water fish are good for your heart. Never eat farm-raised fish; it’s full of poison. Try wild Alaskan salmon from Costco.

•     Eat almonds (and other nuts) that are high in the good fats. They are also an excellent source of protein. I eat almonds, a big handful every day for breakfast with berries — high in antioxidants. I buy mine from Costco and feast daily on the “three berries” that are fresh frozen.

•     Go easy on dairy products. I don’t drink milk that is meant for baby cows. Most of it is also filled with the antibiotics they feed the poor beasts.

•     Exercise every day. Be disciplined. Start slow, work up moderately and then get going. Walk briskly a good 3 or 4 miles every day. Try to do a mile in 15 minutes or better, and no cheating. Don’t be lazy.

•     Wear a hat and sunscreen lotion. I was brought up on beaches in Australia, never had sunscreen and never wore a hat. Now I visit my dermatologist every three months and often have precancerous growths removed.

•     Read your Bible every day, think positive thoughts, speak well of others, give your sins to Jesus and laugh a lot. You know laughter is internal jogging. Don’t be like the man with the migraine.  It hurts him to keep his head but he can’t afford to give it up.  Some people are like that with their religion — they can’t afford to give it up but it hurts them to keep it.


Read Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s books on how to avoid disease, live longer and look better.  Watch him on PBS or research him online.


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