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September 2014

Domestic Violence

By John Carter

One in four women in America will experience, at some time in their lives, domestic violence.  The video of Ray Rice beating up his girlfriend in an elevator has shocked the nation.
Why the war on women?  Because it is a part of a larger scenario of violence, and women suffer more than men because they are physically vulnerable.  So-called big, tough men, cowards to the core, do it because they can.  Let it be plainly stated, any man who beats up his wife or girlfriend is a coward, and the Bible says there will be no cowards in Heaven.  (See Revelation 21:8)
Don’t tell me to try to understand the poor abuser.  Don’t tell me he was beaten up as a child, or deserted by his father.  It’s time to move on, and be a real man.  God’s grace is sufficient for every human failing and necessity.  God can change a coward into a real man and husband.
We have developed a culture of violence — guns, gangs, violent video games, violent movies, and the glorification of war.  We keep making excuses for bad behavior and the bad guy is the victim.  Is it any wonder that we are breeding a generation of physically aggressive males who have imbibed Nietzche’s philosophy that might is right.
There is only one ultimate solution — a return to the God of our fathers and mothers and a restoration of those Biblical values that made America great.

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