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April 2015

“Is Christ’s Resurrection a Myth?”

by John Carter

I DO NOT BELIEVE in Christ’s resurrection because of blind faith. I do believe because of the facts of history.  This has nothing to do with feelings, faith, or religious fervor.  I believe in His resurrection quite simply because it happened. It is not a myth, it is a fact.  If you dare, look at the hard evidence:
1.     Christ was crucified and after six hours was dead.  Ask the tough Roman soldiers, the governor Pilate, and Joseph the man who buried Him.
2.     On the Sunday morning, His tomb was found to be empty.  Ask Peter, John, and Mary the ex-prostitute.  Also go ask the two disciples on the road to Emmaus as well as the incredulous eleven disciples.  While you are checking the facts, go talk to the 500 persons who saw Him together at one time.  How reliable are my sources?  Infinitely more reliable than Time magazine, the Economist, or CNN.  My reporters are not paid journalists hungry for a scoop, but honest decent souls handling historical dynamite.  Most of them paid for their honesty with their lives.
3.     “What happened to the body?” is a question that no skeptic has honestly answered.  There are only four possibilities:
                        i.         The disciples stole the body.  What chance did a handful of dispirited men and women have against the Roman soldiers who guarded the tomb? This is totally absurd.
                       ii.         The Jews stole the body.  Then why did they not produce it when the Christians started preaching the resurrection of Jesus?  End of case.
                     iii.         The Romans stole the body.  They hated the Christians and would have gladly strangled the infant church by revealing the mangled body.  Scratch this argument.
                     iv.         There was no dead body because the dead body rose from the dead.  That is the only solution that makes sense.
4.     The reality of His resurrection was so powerful that it transformed a small group of defeatists into a mighty army that eventually conquered the Roman Empire.  One cannot explain the overwhelming success of the Christian Church without an acceptance of this one factor that was the engine that drove the ship through the storm.  That mighty engine was the bodily resurrection of Christ.
Make no doubt about it, the historical facts compel us to believe that Christ rose from the dead and is alive today.
His resurrection gives hope in the midst of despair, light in darkness, and life in death.  Christ said, I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.  John 11:25, 26


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