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August 2018


The leaders in the Kremlin were holding another committee meeting. The old Commos were big on committees. A new plan was being launched. One new member from a rural district asked, “Comrades, but we are not telling the people the truth, are we?”

There was a moment of incredulous silence. Then came the laughter, soft and subdued at the start. Then great deep belly laughs. They laughed until they fell off their chairs. They laughed until they could laugh no more. They gasped for breath and when their lungs were replenished, they laughed and roared again. Finally when their sides were hurting, their faces purple, and the laughter had come to a breathless end, their leader addressed the unfortunate fellow who had almost killed them with his idiotic question. “Comrade, I must teach you a lesson. The truth is what we say it is. A lie is the truth when we say it is the truth. Be careful comrade, or else you will soon be on your way to Siberia.”

Once there was a physical wall that separated us (the good guys) from our lying enemies (the bad guys) who plotted behind the Kremlin walls. No longer. The lying enemy is all around us. Maybe inside us. It is called different names: FAKE NEWS, FAKE APP, DEEP FAKES, POST TRUTH, and sometimes POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. A new computer technology can take your head and place it on a fornicating porn star. No one can tell the difference. As I write, it is happening. Experts thoughts this technology was years away. It is now here. It is pure evil. BEWARE! Welcome to the new world of deception, counterfeits, lies, mind manipulation, and POST TRUTH.

Have you watched House of Cards? Maybe you should, it is the story of Washington politics. Another version features the British PM. It is scary. The politicians employ professional Spin Doctors who spin lies so people think they are hearing the truth. Are you being deceived? 
POST TRUTH says that truth is like the man with the long-waxed nose, you can twist it anyway you like. Post Truth (lying) is everywhere — in Washington, on TV, in the Church, among the politicians, in our universities, at the Kremlin. Maybe in your home.

Millions are being deceived by liars because they believe what they want to believe. Or because they are too lazy or too brainwashed to think for themselves. Now is the time for independent thinking by people who refuse to be cowered by the crowd. If you are a part of the herd you may be stampeded off the cliff. Does anyone remember what happened in Germany when 95 percent of the Christian population voted for Hitler?

Jesus said the originator of Post Truth was Satan, the father of liars. Jesus also said, “You will know the Truth and the Truth will make you free.” How we react to lies and truth indicates whether we belong to Christ or Satan. This issue will decide our destiny: Heaven or Hell. It’s time to wake up. Can you hear the old Commos in the Kremlin laughing at us?

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